Sam playing the part of Joseph Bell
The bakehouse on the High Street
View of Turvey House from the bridge

Bells of Turvey

Bells of Turvey is a new play about the small village of Turvey in rural Bedfordshire, set in the 1850s.

The play has been written by Poppy Hollman and features a mix of both new songs and music, and some arranged from traditional sources, by Tim Brewster. Bells of Turvey was presented as a community production at Turvey Village Hall by Turvey Amateur Theatrical Society (TATS) on 15th-18th November 2017.

A CD of all the music from the show is now available, recorded by the entire original cast and accompanied by Twangling Jack, the band for the premiere performances.

The CD costs £10 + p&p and all profits go to Turvey Pre-School Playgroup. To get your copy, send an email to

Engraving of farm workers bringing in the harvest
Period picture of young girls making lace

Inspired by the Memoirs of Joseph Bell

Joseph Bell was born in Turvey in 1846. When he was just six months old, his father died, leaving his mother Phoebe with four children under the age of eight.

Joseph's memoirs, which he wrote for his children when he was eighty, tell of the first twelve years of his life in the village. 'Bells of Turvey' is inspired by these memories, and aims to paint a portrait of the village at the time, as well as telling the family's story.