Productions of Bells of Turvey

Where to see the play

The original cast with Twangling Jack
The Bell children
Twangling Jack

Premier Production

Turvey Amateur Theatrical Society) were proud to present the sell-out premiere of Bells of Turvey in Turvey Village Hall, 15th - 18th November 2017.

A CD of all the music from the show is now available, recorded by the entire original cast and accompanied by Twangling Jack, the band for the premiere performances. The CD costs £10 + p&p and all profits go to Turvey Pre-School Playgroup. To get your copy, send an email to

Comments from the Audience

Such an amazing show.

The story is engaging, music and singing quite outstanding and attention to detail in costumes and props really convincing.

It was very moving. The last song resonated with me so much.

Truly fantastic. Great performances, story by Poppy amazing, and music by Tim just wonderful. So lucky to have all this talent on our doorstep.

Boys in the fields
Working at the lace pillows